Fast + Epp’s new mass timber four-story home office in Vancouver

Past Event
18:00 - 19:00 / Wednesday November 17th 2021Replay via GoToStage


Situated at the corner of Yukon Street and West 7th Avenue, Fast + Epp’s new four-story home office building embodies our firm’s signature design philosophies: simplicity and practicality, design innovation and structural expression.

Fast + Epp worked closely in partnership with design architects F2A, interior designers HCMA, contractor Companion Construction, mass timber installers Seagate Structures and smart glass manufacturer View.

This conference will present particularities to this wood structure such as lateral structural system using Tectonus device, load transfer and connections from the diaphragm to the shear walls, design of the CLT diaphragm with concrete topping (composite action) and vibration control for floors.

This conference will be presented in English. Cette conférence sera présentée en anglais.

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Private question period

After the conference, at around 7:15 p.m., you are invited to participate in a private question period with the speaker. To join, you must close the GoToWebinar app and click on the event link below. No registration necessary.


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Speaker for this event

Tobias Fast
Tobias Fast AssociateFast + Epp

Tobias is an Associate at Fast + Epp with a strong international resume, having worked at SOM in New York and Expedition Engineering in London. He also spent time living in Germany and working at Fast + Epp’s Darmstadt office. Since joining our Vancouver office, Tobias has become the leader of our Towers and Computational Design division, pushing our firm into new terrain.

Through his work in four different countries, Tobias has gained knowledge via a wide range of projects, including skyscrapers in Manhattan, tension structures at the London Zoo, and prefabricated egg-shaped timber cabins destined for the BC wilderness.

At Fast + Epp, Tobias is emerging as a talented and versatile design engineer thanks to his involvement in ambitious projects like The Arbour at George Brown College in Toronto, the Spar Tower in Portland, and the Ohana Montage Health Facility in California. Most significantly, Tobias has earned experience as a leader through his successful management of Fast + Epp’s new Home Office in Vancouver.

Tobias received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2013 from the University of British Columbia, and in 2014, he earned his master’s degree in Structural & Earthquake Engineering.