Girder-Slab Technology: A New Hybrid System for Residential Construction

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The Girder-Slab® System is a steel and precast hybrid, the first to use precast slabs with an integral steel girder to form a monolithic structural slab assembly. The system consists of an interior girder (known as an open-web dissymmetric beam or D Beam®), and prestressed hollow-core slabs, connected by cementitious grout. This innovative technology uses proven materials long available within the construction industry.

Some of the benefits include: Low floor-to-floor heights, minimization of building height, fast erection of structure, reduced building structure weight, floor plan design flexibility and limited weather impact (including cold climates).The application and use of the Girder-Slab System technology requires design by a registered professional engineer.

The presentation will provide design and detailing considerations, including several building examples.

Following the main presentation, Daniel Proulx, project manager for the Salem building (see right), will share his experience with the fabrication and erection of a girder-slab system.

Les Ingénieurs en structure de Montréal souhaite la bienvenue à tous. L’entrée est libre. Si vous désirez recevoir un avis électronique des prochaines réunions, envoyez un courriel à Sylvie Boulanger.

La1ère présentation se tiendra en anglais et la2e, en français.

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Daniel G. Fisher Sr.
Daniel G. Fisher Sr. Girder-Slab Technologies (New Jersey)

Daniel Fisher is a graduate of the University of Dayton, Ohio. In 2002, after working as a steel contractor for 28 years, he decides to devote his time to the growth of the new Girder-Slab business.The idea of the unique D-Beam was conceived and first assembled by Mr. Fisher while he was President of Fisher Steel Inc.

Mr. Fisher will be receiving a prestigious AISC Special Achievement award in October 2006.