Design Issues and Development of a New Non-Invasive Damping System for Wind-Sensitive Tall Buildings

Événement passé
18h - 21h / jeudi 9 mars 2006Pavillon MacDonald-Harrington, Université McGill

Challenges facing the design and construction of modern High-Rise buildings will be discussed. These include structural systems and the mechanics that govern their response, issues of local and global stiffness estimation, inherent damping estimates as well as design detailing of critical elements. A study on the assessment of damping properties of coupled concrete shear walls will also be presented.

Existing wind-vibration mitigation systems will then be discussed along with the challenges that accompany the use of such systems. A new system that has been developed through collaboration between the University of Toronto and Halcrow Yolles will then briefly be presented. The mechanics of the new system, as well as its impact on the overall dynamic properties of high-rise buildings currently under design will also be discussed.

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Cette conférence se tiendra en anglais.

Conférenciers pour cet événement

Tibor Kokai
Tibor Kokai Halcrow Yolles

Tibor Kokai is a Partner at Halcrow Yolles and over the years has been a valuable contributor on many of the Firm’s largest and most complex projects, icluding residential high rise, commercial office buildings, and educational and institutional facilities. He has a Doctoral degree in Reinforced Concrete Structures. He practiced engineering in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Germany and Austria before immigrating to Canada, He is a member of CSA A23.3 Committee.

Constantin Christopoulos
Constantin Christopoulos University of Toronto

Professor Christopoulos joined the University of Toronto in 2002 from the University of California at San Diego where he completed his Ph.D. His reasearch involves the development of novel seismic resistant systems, involving large scale dynamic tests on steel structures. His areas of teaching are Mechanics, Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering and Vibrations. He is also a member of the Fédération Internationale de Béton (Fib) Task group 7.5.

He has co-authored a book entitled: “Principles of Supplemental Damping and Seismic Isolation” due in May of 2006.