Building After 911 : A fabricator’s perspective on the rebuilding

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18h / mercredi 18 septembre 2013PAVILLON MACDONALD-HARRINGTON SALLE G-10, Université McGill

On September 11th, the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2, not only destroyed the Towers themselves, but also destroyed the World Trade Center PATH station, a large underground concourse and shopping center that provided a link between the PATH train and NY subway lines, which connected the two towers below street level.

The collapse of the Towers left behind the destruction of a complete NY block, we all know as being “Ground Zero”. It also changed how designers must approach these type of structures and created a need for establishing new design guidelines for blast protection.

The presentation will provide a short glimpse of a fabricators’ perspective on the rebuilding of several structures at Ground Zero, such as WTC Tower 1, the PATH Hall and PATH Station. More particularly, it will discuss how Design Engineers attempt to deal with blast loading conditions, by using established bridge welding codes or seismic design details, which were not developed for blast protection. It will also attempt to provide some general guidelines for the Design Engineers on which joint details, materials, and known welding codes may be more appropriate when Blast Protection is a concern. Finally, a short presentation on the 450 feet Antenna Mast fabrication, which was the biggest highlight tower 1, will be provided.

Cette conférence sera présentée en anglais.

Les Ingénieurs en structure de Montréal souhaite la bienvenue à tous. L’entrée est libre.

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Carolyn Hanson
Carolyn Hanson ADF GROUP INC

Ms. Hanson is a graduate of McGill University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering & her Master’s degree in Civil Engineering (Structural). She first became a registered professional engineer in Quebec, after which she obtained her PE license to practice in Florida as a structural engineer. Ms. Hanson currently holds close to 30 PE (Professional Engineering) licenses in the USA, including California.

Ms. Hanson has worked in Quebec and Florida in design firms as a Structural Engineer, before joining the ADF Group, a structural steel fabricator mostly involved in heavy and complex steel projects, over 17 years ago. She acquired most of her experience in the North American steel industry by holding engineering, management and operational roles, working for the ADF Group Inc., and held positions as vice-president in engineering and management since 1999. In 2007 Carolyn was named Vice-President of Engineering and Operations, and became one of ADF Group Inc’s five administrators.