Blast effects and mitigation 101

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18h / mercredi 23 mars 2011PAVILLON MACDONALD-HARRINGTON SALLE G-10, Université McGill

Mitigating blast threats to buildings may involve enhanced security, increasing the hardness of a potential target or implementing enhanced response capabilities. All of these measures have been shown to be effective.

A basic introduction on blast effects, dynamic structural response accompanied with case studies on blast assessment, hardening, and mitigation for existing and new construction will be provided.

Mitigation techniques (validated through dynamic analysis and blast testing) utilizing traditional construction materials as well as fiber polymer systems and other innovative materials or systems for structural upgrades and catch systems to resist blast loads and/or debris will also be presented.

Les Ingénieurs en structure de Montréal souhaite la bienvenue à tous. L’entrée est libre.

La présentation se tiendra en anglais.

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Khaled El-Domiaty

Khaled El-Domiaty, P.E. is the senior engineer and structural lead supervisor at the BakerRisk- Washington, DC office as well as supporting the BakerRisk Toronto Office.
His work at BakerRisk has focused on performing dynamic analysis of new or existing buildings for response to blast loads and/or fragment hazards.

Khaled is a professional member of ASCE, ACI, AISC and Protective Glazing Council.He heads a sub-committee (ACI-440F) to develop blast design guidelines.